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Jobs In India 2013: Trends That Need To Be Marked In Employment Sectors In 2013, A Perspective View

Ups and downs in economy of India as well as the foreign nations have been taken into account when people have given their opinions about the job opportunities in the country. There has been slight deficits in the predicted growth rates till the year 2011 and slow growth rates are also predicted for the coming years, with 2013 having 7.9% growth rate, which is slightly higher than 7, for the 2011. The slowdown has been contributed to the fluctuating economy of US and European countries which are not allowing the Indian economy to grow but the strength of Indian factors are still keeping it high.

Till the year 2013, a similar situation is supposedly being predicted, although employment opportunities will be slightly on the positive side. Infrastructure, manufacturing, IT and ITes based industries are supposedly going to face a slide but the growth in FMCG, pharmaceuticals and health, financial services and retail sector, will somewhat keep the overall economy on the positive side. These data suggest that the job scenario in India is probably going to be good, if not better because the growth rate is not going to be sky high. There are certain points that can be discussed with regards to the employment sector in the country, but these have to be read out from the present perspective.


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  • Entry level jobs and fresher jobs are the ones which will have a high growth. The total number of people therefore who will be getting jobs will be obviously high as many companies are seeking a space in the Indian economy. Mostly the people would be from the human resources and engineering background, along with a reasonable increase in the pharma and biosciences streams. The issue that will be serious will be the lack of hiring in the sub senior and senior levels because of the cost factor that needs to be adjusted with such hiring. But the fact is that leadership skills and specialty jobs will always be in demand.
  • Entry level jobs will now be scrutinised with better assessment techniques and personality tests, so that the recruits are going to be more in comparison to the previous higher ratios of candidates to recruits. Scientific approaches for assessments will be adopted across more companies and about 25% of the existing Indian companies will take over such methods. The need to recruit right talent at the right positions and with the right salaries will be considered to be of paramount importance. Companies will also stress on managing their talents with fineness because they wouldn’t want to have attrition and lose their talent pool.
  • Employer branding will become an important part of the employment sector in 2013. There are enough skills in the country, but the discrepancy lies in the fact that these people are not drawn towards the right jobs. In order to pull qualified and skilled people towards a particular company, it would be required to increase its visibility through social media, positive references, etc.
  • High salaries and hike in salaries are going to be less as compared to the previous years but those with niche skills will attract better pay. In general, there will be specific raise in pay packets but pharma sector, retails, infrastructure industries, etc will have higher entry level payments.

A major boost to the employment sector in the country is, from the last but not the least trend that would be probably seen in 2013. More recruiters are eyeing the tier II cities in India, due to which people from remote cities will also be getting into some of the best companies in the country. These are the trends that are probably going to take the front row in 2013 and therefore would be a new year full of prospects for people.

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